MTA Weather Advisory

MTA Winter Storm Juno Update

MTA Long Island Rail Road, MTA Metro-North Railroad, MTA NYC Transit Bus and Subway Service -- including Staten Island Railway (SIR) -- is suspended for the duration of Winter Storm Juno. Non emergency vehicular traffic is now banned on all nine MTA Bridge & Tunnel facilities. Service will remain suspended for the foreseeable future. 

Monitor this page, Service Status, and local news reports for additional information.

New York City Transit

MTA NYC Transit & MTA Bus service, as well as MTA NYC Transit subway service -- including Staten Island Railway (SIR) -- is suspended for the duration of Winter Storm Juno.

Long Island Rail Road

Due to Winter Storm Juno, LIRR train service is suspended until further notice for the safety of customers and employees and to protect railroad equipment and infrastructure.  But motorists and pedestrian are urged to observe all the usual safety precautions with regard to LIRR tracks.  While passenger train service is suspended, patrol trains and other work trains will continue to operate.  The electrified 3rd rail will remain energized throughout the system. Crossing gates in the down position will signal an approaching train.

Metro-North Railroad

Metro-North service is suspended at this time as Winter Storm Juno moves through our region with blizzard conditions. Continue to check this web site for updates on service.

Bridges and Tunnels

In keeping with the governor's travel ban, all bridges and tunnels operated by the MTA are now closed until further notice except for emergency personnel.