MTA Weather Advisory

MTA Prepares for Winter Storm Juno

The MTA is committed to the safety of its customers and its employees, and due to the forecast, will be suspending service on all bus, commuter rail and subway service at 11:00 p.m. this evening. All nine MTA Bridge & Tunnel facilities will also close to non-emergency vehicular traffic at that time. If you don't have to travel between now and later this evening, we urge you to stay home.

Last train information for both LIRR and Metro-North is posted below for trains departing from Atlantic Terminal, Penn Station and Grand Central Terminal.

Prior to full service suspension, express service on several NYC Transit subway lines will be curtailed to allow subway trains to be stored underground in anticipation of the storm. Bus service will gradually be curtailed. Railroad cars will also be moved to locations to protect them from the storm. 

Monitor this page, Service Status, and local news reports for additional information.

New York City Transit

Before suspending all subway service, NYC Transit will store trains underground on express tracks to protect the fleet from the elements and ensure that trains are ready for the next rush period.  As trains are stored underground, only local service will be available and all overnight construction work is canceled. B Subway Line Icon service will end early and 7 Subway Line Icon service may be reduced.

NYC Transit and MTA bus is planning to operate normal bus service for this evening's rush hour, but all service will be suspended at 11:00 p.m. All local buses, including articulated buses, will have chains or snow tires installed by this afternoon's rush hour. Staten Island Railway service is currently running on or close to schedule, but service will be suspended at 11:00 p.m.

Paratransit will suspended all non-emergency trips this evening. 

Long Island Rail Road

The LIRR plans to suspend service at approximately at 11 PM this evening. Departure times for the final trains expected to operate on the LIRR tonight are listed below. Customers are urged not to wait until the last train, but to consider leaving earlier.

Metro-North Railroad

As Winter Storm Juno buffets the region, Metro-North Railroad's last trains on all lines will depart beginning at 9 PM before the railroad suspends service at 11 PM. This will allow customers to safely reach their final destinations, either northbound or southbound before the worst of the storm reaches the area.

Metro-North urges its customers not wait until the last train to get home. Customers needing to travel are encouraged to do so as soon as possible and not wait until the last minute. Customers should expect crowded conditions.

The Hudson Rail Link, Haverstraw-Ossining Ferry, and Newburgh Beacon Ferry will also be suspended. Grand Central Terminal will close to the public at midnight until further notice.

Click "read more" to see a list of the last trains that will operate before the system-wide suspension.

Bridges and Tunnels

In keeping with the governor's travel ban, all bridges and tunnels operated by the MTA will close at 11 p.m until further notice except for emergency personnel.